When A Boy Falls In Love Vinyl


Mel Carter’s debut album, originally released in 1963 on Sam Cooke’s SAR Records/Derby label, is back in print on LP. Produced by Sam Cooke and J.W. Alexander, the album includes songs written by Cooke and Alexander as well as some pop standards and “Why I Call Her Mine,” a Mel Carter original composition that would be issued as a single in 1963. Mel was considered one of the 10 Best Newcomer Male Vocalists of 1963 by Cash Box, he performed “When A Boy Falls In Love” on numerous TV shows including Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The title track “When a Boy Falls in Love” spent 10 weeks on the pop chart and the album was originally awarded 4-stars by Billboard. R&B scholar Bill Dahl contributed liner notes after speaking with Carter, enhancing the otherwise faithfully restored original package.

Side 1
1. Time Of Young Love
2. We’ll Bless Each Day With Our Love
3. So Wonderful
4. When I Fall In Love
5. Twelfth Of Never
6. Why I Call Her Mine

Side 2
1. When A Boy Falls In Love
2. Hold Me
3. For Your Love
4. Wonderful Love
5. After The Parting The Meeting Is Sweeter
6. You Can Count On Me

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